Josh puts his foot in it (well under it)

It is quite important for father ans sons to have their male bonding times. This usually involves going to the gym or other such activities.

One fine winter evening Josh and his dad discussed their great plan to jointly invest in a two man saw.  This fine piece of man-bonding kit is still made in Sheffield. Very nice.

We have a lot of logs that need cutting down to size and so on Saturday afternoon the men went outside to deal with them.

Now, we all have a laugh about ‘Elf’n’Safety but ignore that Elf at your peril. So, somehow those steel toe cap boots were left to sit  in the cupboard and a great big log refused to sit properly on the saw horse and …

Josh’s toe is broken; shattered in fact, in three places. He is now on crutches and I have offered him a race. 🙂 He had to return to hospital this morning to the fracture clinic but there’s not a lot they can do, other than strap one toe to another.

The poor lad has received giggling sympathy from family, friends, workmates and girlfriend.

So then you have been warned.


3 responses to “Josh puts his foot in it (well under it)

  1. Ouch!! It’s amazing how such tiny little things can cause so much pain, eh? Especially when you are told there’s not much that can be done about it. Hopefully the steel toes will be thought better of next Hope Josh feels better soon.

  2. Oh, ouch. Josh, never let fashion get in the way of good sense.

    This time last year I was sitting with two toes strapped together! Only I injured mine getting out of bed….literally. And yeah, that is generally all they do for a broken toe, tape it to another toe, unless there are bone bits sticking out of the skin. Ice really helps for the first few days, as does keeping it up while sitting.

  3. ouch. Poor Josh. I hope this doesn’t play too much havoc with his blood sugars. I know when Tom has something like this, his bsl are all over the place.

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