Daily Archives: February 16, 2011

Home Education Out and About.

We set off for the Home Ed group at the library. Met up with a lot of parents and children, drank tea, chatted and the children read books to each other and made pictures with the craft stuff one of the mums had bvrought.

The group attracts a lot of families just starting out, and many of them have removed children from school.  There’s something a little disturbing about the stories mums and dads recount about why they had to remove their child from school; and that is, they are the same story – different child, differnt age, different school, different learning – the story of nastiness and stonewalling  and refusal to guarentee children are safe is the same story. It is surely the banality of evil.

These stories mingled with talk about “The Meeting” that most of us can’t or have very good reason not to attend.  How can the LA talk about monitoring us, and checking up om the standard of education and safety of our children, when they are so patently incapable of providing that to the children that have been handed over to them? It’s a mystery.

Off to the Museum and Art Gallery afterwards. Got permission to eat our packed lunch at the school tables; although apparently they are only for schools and must be booked in advance. Still, they let us when I asked.

 Lots of beautiful things to explore, touch and look at.  I liked the fact that some of the pottery was in plastic boxes the children could put their hands through and feel.

On the way home Heleyna said she had enjoyed her day. Her favourite part of it all?…eating lunch!