Daily Archives: February 17, 2011

That Resource Site, major revamp – go and see.

My friends over at That Resource Site have been working very hard on revamping their website. I think the dad is the computer savvy one and K the mum makes so many resources.

Click on the picture and visit their site

As a family they are trying to give back a little and to reach . out to those who might want a helping hand with lessons and worksheets.

I want to do the same thing and that’s why I joined them. They have a tab for “FRIENDS”. If you could offer something why not become a friend and offer your free worksheets or ideas. They don’t have to be elaborate; one of mine are only one page.

K tries to ensure new sheets are added on a weekly basis. They are well presented and colourful so that children will find them neat and attractive.

Go and look.