Ronan is 8.

Yesterday was Ronan’s 8th birthday. He got the Batman cake of his dreams (gluten free so Avila could have some too) curtesy of Iona.

He had a good day despite the fact that the car decided not to start so we couldn’t go to a friend’s field for an adventurous day. Dad took them to the park instead.

Got the battery charged overnight so today we went to Think Tank. It was so crowded – I am thankful we HE because we have never been there when it’s like that; holiday season is so short everyone must have arrived at once.

Came home to lego and mechano – what more can a boy ask for?


2 responses to “Ronan is 8.

  1. We gave Christopher mechano for his birthday too. Happy Birthday Ronan.

  2. Please give our best wishes and a birthday hug to Ronan for us Canucks here. Love the cake too!! Your daughter really does such lovely cake decorating.

    Happy Birthday, Ronan!!!!

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