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Dr Bernard Nathanson in the palm of His hand.

I know I am a little late on this but I did want to mark the death of Dr Bernard Nathanson a few days ago at the great age of 84.

He was born into a secular Jewish family and grew up atheist. He became one of the founding members of NARAL and set about making his fortune by campaigning for abortion. He lied, exaggerated and won the argument as Roe vs Wade went ahead in favour of allowing the killing of the child before birth. From that we in the UK and America and so many other countries now kill unborn children on a scale that has outdone Communist Stalinist Russia’s death count.

The doctor admitted he was personally responsible for the death of thousands of babies, until one day something happened that shocked him into thought. He saw an ultra-sound where the 12 week fetus was actively trying to avoid the needle that was coming at him. The child opened it’s mouth in horror and from there the famous and disturbing video The Silent Scream went viral.

Nathanson left NARAL and went in search of the truth. He became had already realised that killing people, however young is terribly wrong and joined the pro-life movement. He became Catholic as did the mother of the aborted child of the Roe vs Wade debacle who herself had converted. [I’ve written about Norma Mc Corvey before].

Dr Nathanson’s death comes at the time when an ex-Planned Parenthood employee has also found God and has joined the Pro-Life Movement and the Church. Abby Johnson is a brave woman, standing up and announcing the lies that she was told and told mothers about their unborn children; it’s only cells, not a real person etc. etc.

America is showing good signs of turning the tide from this massively lucrative industry; we still have a long, long way to go here in Britain.

I knew a young mother who was told to abort her baby as he wouldn’t live anyway. When she refused she was heavily pressured to accept the offer. Thanks to support she stood firm and her son was born and lived for 20 minutes so she and her son’s father held him as did the grandparents before he died. That special and terribly important time with her son would have been taken from her if she had given in.

We pray for Dr Nathanson and may he be praying hard for all those mothers –  especially those for whom abortion isn’t a choice because it is forced on them. And remember, the fact that medics assume no one will disagree with them means there is far less care and support for families who do go ahead with a pregnancy against the medics view. Please don’t ever be tempted to judge those families; it’s a frightening situation.

Being pro-life is a difficult and for some dangerous business. There are even people who dare to call themselves Christian who have no problem in supporting abortion.

We offered more than once to take on a baby but were refused. Nevertheless I know there are good people praying and fighting both here and in heaven.

HERE is an article from someone who knew Dr Nathanson.