Daily Archives: February 28, 2011

Home Education – a Day in the Life.

Recently I heard a home educating mother of 12 announce that it was important for mothers to be up before the children. I assume her children don’t hear her moving around the house. Here the reality is that if I so much as put my feet on the floor children appear from all corners of their bedroom.

This morning they were up before me (two days without meds has made an umpleasant impact). But I was soon up and making Heleyna’s breakfast. The other two had made their own. Then they went off to play while I did morning prayer, cleaned the kitchen, set the dishwasher and sorted some washing. Then it was time to set the work out. They started work just before 9am today.  This makes for freer afternoons.

By this time two big people had emerged and had their breakfast and gone off to work in their rooms.

I admit we never did do family morning prayer today. I do need to get back on top of this.

Math U See, Mathematical Reasoning, Language arts of various kinds and reading took place, followed by Faith and Life and Bible story (Gideon) and Critical Thinking. Then it was time to cuddle up for a story from history about Rollo the Viking.

Iona made lunch for the  three smaller ones and I put together the dinner and got it in the oven. After lunch we finished off the Astronomy book which has taken a while and looked at a brilliant book Ronan got for his birthday from Iona. It is a pop-up book commemorating the moon landing.

Then it was music time using the keyboard and software recommended on  Seton HS. I have the 7 day free trial via the website which I think I may continue or buy the discs from Seton. It has been a terrible faff to set up but is showing itself to be worth it so far.

Ronan’s Godmother came over to give him a birthday present and to spend some time with him.

Time for story; We are reading The Jungle Book.

Time to get ready for Beavers. Avila was invested tonight and Ronan is moving up to cubs so he has stayed on for that.

Iona took them off to Beavers.

I cleared up – sorted some Jungle book stuff for tomorrow and then it was time to serve dinner for the ones here.

Cleared away and started some writing until Avila was home with her dad. Served them and came a blogged.

Ronan to serve when Josh goes to get him home and Al will be putting the girls to bed. Final clearing and washing sorting and perhaps a bit more writing: I did promise an Easter to Pentecost booklet to follow the Via Dolorosa didn’t I? 🙂

Then crash on sofa – stare mindlessly at TV and bed. Josh has kindly been out to get my meds so I will have pain relief tonight!  I have come across an HS mother who was up until midnight – let me tell you – I could NEVER do that.