Frugal Friday Freebies – more audio.

It seems there are a lot good free audio places.

There’s Robinson Crusoe from Homeschool Radioshows but I think they are time limited so grab it when you can. I also liked this audio on Fire fighting and ice  from Freebie of the Day.

There is also these very good audio lectures via Sonitus Sanctus from Ave Maria Uni. I like hearing in depth studies from people who really do know the subject on which they speak. I highly recommend Rosalind Moss. Her conversion story is an amazing journey from her Jewish roots, through Messianic Judiasism to Evangelicalism (pretty anti-Catholic end) through to entering the Catholic Church is well worth hearing. I always remember with some astonishment how her pastor at her evangelical church warned her against reading the Early Church Fathers because he knew that would make her Catholic! If he knew that – what was he doing?

Her astonishment when her brother David took her to Mass for the first time because it was so Jewish is a touching reminder of where we Christians have really come from.

Finally check out That Resource Site blog for all your Lentern needs

Anyway – enjoy.

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