Book basket; Grades K and 2, nursery and grade 11

This weeks books we are reading.

I had to work out what grade Iona would be in if she was in American school  because I couldn’t remember where she would be in the UK system.

She is still reading her Neil Gaiman book, between her Open University studies and reading Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground. My friend, who is a teacher said she is so proud of Iona, seeing how much she has overcome to be reading and studying at such a high level. She remembers well, how much Iona had to struggle with her dyslexia – but it is a battle she has been winning.

Ronan (gr 2) has just started reading Detectives in Togas. He needs a bit of help with pronunciation of some of the Roman names, but so far, it’s a good book.

Avila (gr K) is reading Step Into Reading Discovery In the Cave and Brian Ogdan’s Follow the Ants.

Heleyna is still reading her Starfall books.

For Read Alouds we are still reading The Jungle Book, Nursery Bible Stories and the ever wonderful Fairyland of Science.

I am now on the next Vision Book Our Lady Came to Fatima, which is a good re-telling of those events, with direct quotes from the conversions Our Lady had with Lucia. In fact there’s a bit that struck me as important, that might normally get passed over in all the stuff about how to end the War and how another war would come – it’s a small conversation where Lucia asks for a woman who is dieing to die and go to heaven quickly. Our Lady answers that she is well aware of the woman who should not be in a rush as God knows and she knows exactly when to come and fetch her. In other words, her  suffering was worth it.


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