Doing Lent – a little miracle I read about today.

As I have mentioned, this Lent I am not quite up to a great theological or spiritual reading exercise, so I am reading the children’s Vision Books.  I am just reading Our Lady Came to Fatima at the moment and have come across a little miracle that I had not been aware of before.

The great miracle of the sun on October 13th 1917 gets a whole lot of attention which is hardly surprising when so many people from so far and wide witnessed it. But this books gives another little miracle.

Ti Marto and Olympia his wife have just been to the Cova with their children, to protect them. Just before the events of the day, visitors had literally climbed over the beds in muddy boots and trampled through the little house, leaving devastation and mess behind them.

When they arrived home, they stared in wonder at their little home. It was utterly spotless. Beds made with clean, pressed sheets, the floors sparkling and rugs gleaming. No one had been in the house while they were all at the Cova, and certainly there had not been time before the Marto family got home. It seems Our Blessed Mother, who had kept house for Joseph and Jesus, had left a little favour behind for the family of her litte ones Francisco and Jacinta.

The Church has always taught that Public Revelation was complete with the death of the last apostle. She says that belief in private revelation, even those carefully investigated and approved – is not obligatory on the faithful. Nevertheless, it seems odd to me, that those who seek the truth and are faithful to Christ, would disregard the efforts He has made in sending His mother to teach us. It is something deeply sad and rather shameful that Our Mother asked for repentece and penance to avoid a second world war, and the horrors of Communisim – and she was rejected. She even warned it would “be late”, hinting that she knew what lack of response would result; but in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph; and indeed, watching the events under (about to be) Blessed John Paul the Great, that triumph is well under way.


2 responses to “Doing Lent – a little miracle I read about today.

  1. I never realized this other little miracle either. We have this book, I should pull it out and read it. It is so reassuring to hear that homemaking and domestic duties were still important to our Holy Mother – especially on the days when we seem overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in our home. 🙂

  2. never heard of it either. What a wonderful miracle to come home too.

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