Home Education; grabbing time.

One of the little pits I have a habit of falling into, when it comes to the children’s education, is to ensure all the academic learning is done, and let the practacle and philosophical learning slide a bit – or a lot.

In the winter when it’s dark and cold, perhaps there is nothing much lost. But once the better weather arrives I do try and shift gears, so that more outside learning can take place, and with that comes more kitchen time.

In some ways, the holidays are the best time for lots of unstructured learning. Ronan loves to cook, and has had free range of the kitchen with Avila today, where they have made, iced and painted Josh’s birthday cake for tomorrow. They then set about properly clearing up after themselves, with pretty impressive results.

I stay out of the way unless needed for these cooking exploits. Ronan is very capable and thinks that if I am there (too obviously) that it means I don’t trust him to do things properly. ME?

My friend Deb who has been through so much recently, so that she has hardly time to blog, sent me a whole bag load of seeds! I have passed out packets to the mums and hopefully we will all have vegatables to show for it in the Summer. Keep her in your prayers, and her dad who died recently.

Iona took the children outside to dig over the bags and trugs, to add a bit more compost and to get some seeds planted. She will also be growing chilli’s again this year. Her crop last year was pretty impressive and she made a lot of chilli jam.

This week is “quiet time” week as much as possible. I am trying to plan next term, read a bit, write a bit and remember two of my kids have birthdays this week!

Yesterday was Heleyna’s 4th birthday! She had a lovely day with some friends, and will have an even louder day next week when her other friends are back from their hols. Why have a birthday when you can have a birth-week-month or so? IONA MADE THE CAKE. Go look.

Tomorrow Josh, the Bearded Wonder turns 22!ย  Ronan has made his cake ๐Ÿ™‚ His dad and I have decided to give him some money towards his bigger bike test. His rust bucket was stolen this week.ย  We have discussed cars but it’s just far to expensive to have one so it’s a bike.

So all you car drivers out there – drive carefully.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


2 responses to “Home Education; grabbing time.

  1. I love the top picture outside in the garden. Right now we live in an apartment while my husband and I are in school, but I can’t wait to have a yard and teach our boys how to grow things.

  2. I’m glad you liked it ๐Ÿ™‚ We grow in pots, trugs and bags. Mydd grows her chili’s in her bedroom. Have a go. Who knows your may have something to transplant when you get your dream.

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