Not orphans as our Mother shows us.

I think it would be fair to say that out of all the times God has sent Our Mother to speak to us and try and get us to sort ourselves out, the 13th May 1917 in a little village called Fatima in Portugal, stands out. (I have a particular love for her as the Ark of the Covenant or Woman Clothed with the Sun at Guadeloupe and Our Lady of Sorrows of Kebeho, but that’s me)

Our Mother appeared to three children, Lucia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto every 13th of the month (not counting the occasion when the children had been kidnapped) until October 13th when the great Miracle of the Sun occurred before the eyes of over 70,000 people.

She said the war would end. Great. Everyone must have been really happy to hear that. The war to end all wars had slaughtered countless millions.

But she went on to warn that if people did not turn back to God, pray, stop sinning; treat their faith seriously – there would be another war and that “Russia would spread her errors”. She told Lucia of a light that would be a sign of the Second World War. In 1936 that light was seen all over Europe. Scientists to this day are trying to fathom it. In her little convent Sr Lucia saw it and wrote to the pope warning him; the light means there will be war. And there was war and after the millions killed there, Russia spread her errors and the death toll from that is still rising.

In the end, she said her Immaculate Heart will triumph. We saw the beginning of that Triumph when her beloved son Blessed John Paul the Great worked and won, to end the grip of Communism (Russia’s error) in the Eastern bloc and brought down the Wall.

In the end Our Lady promised, Russia will be converted, and that process is well under way apparently.

It is a terrible thought that the Second World War could have been averted if only people had listened, and repented and prayed. It is equally terrible to remember that Our Blessed Mother tried so hard to prevent the horrific genocide in Rwanda – and was largely ignored.

No mother wants to see her children sent to war, or slaughtered in concentration camps or by machete wielding murderers. She comes to us, time and time again, before each moment in history that could have been avoided – whether under Napoleon, or the French Revolution with it Terror, or the First World War, or the Second World War and Communism or the mass slaughter in Rwanda. She comes, she warns and we shrug.

Then when it all happens we say, “Where is God? Why did He let this happen?”

It is time (late in fact) to do as our Mother tells us.


One response to “Not orphans as our Mother shows us.

  1. I really want to travel to Fatima one day. It is very distressing that many ignore our Mother and her warnings.

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