Book Basket this week.

Next week is half term, and I was going to keep going through, but I don’t think I have the energy. However I want to plan some extra quiet reading with the children, so we’ll have a “reading week” at least.

This week’s books are:

Heleyna aged 4 pre-pre-K: Oxford Reading Tree stage 1 Six in a Bed, (more or less decodable) and of course her Starfall Books – presently concentrating on The Big Hit and Mox’s Shop. You can print hard copies from the download centre. Her story choices have been The Gruffolo’s child and Charlie Needs  Cloak so far.

Avila (age 6 grade K yr 1) finished Pompeii buried Alive yesterday and start the Oxford Reading Tree Titanic (stage 11) today. After that I think I need to make sure the next book is a bit more cheerful!

Ronan (age 8 gr 2 yr 3) is reading Detectives in Togas and Treasure Island.

Read Alouds: The Young Child’ Plutarch: Romans which I think I downloaded from either Gutenberg or Internet Archive. Can’t remember. We are also reading Heroes of Israel from Heritage History. I am still reading sections from Fairyland of Science.

Poems from the Ambleside Curriculum and Child’s Book of Garden Verses.

RESOURCE books we are using: Language Smarts C, Mathematical Reasoning B and C, Building Thinking Skills level 1 and Hands on Thinking Skills.

Draw Right Now; this is proving very useful for all three younger ones.

Science: Apologia’s Botany with Usborne pocket science What Make’s a Flower Grow.

History: Our Catholic Legacy Vol 1 and Story of the World Vol 2 ( I am increasingly irritated by SOTW for inaccuracy, leaving out very important historical events and the almost plagiarist lifting of stories from old story books with no correction. Chapter lengths vary considerably so that it’s sometimes hard to keep the children’s attention and at others not enough information is given)


2 responses to “Book Basket this week.

  1. I, too, have found the same problems with SOTW and just could not fully commit to the curriculum because of it. We are trying out the texts from the Catholic Textbook Project, which is recommended by CHC and hopefully it will be a very good thing for us this year. We will be taking on world history with “All Ye Lands”. Hopefully it will not leave us feeling frustrated as SOTW can sometimes do.

  2. We have All Ye Lands too. Haven’t started it properly yet, but I bought it as a way of correcting SOTW.
    I am very disappointed that someone like Susan WB who is considered so highly educated can get so much, so wrong.

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