Daily Archives: May 25, 2011

Saint Bede the Venerable

It’s the feast of St. Bede today. I am rather fond of St. Bede and I recommend a visit to Bede’s World should you ever be in that neck ‘the woods.

It has been put about that the Church did not allow venacular translations of Scripture. This is, of course, ridiculous. Sadly this black legend is so entrenched that many people fail to realise that the first translation of parts of Scripture into English was done by St. Bede. He did not live long enough to get it all finished but I beleive quite a few pages of his work on the Psalms still exist. (not sure, but I remember reading something on that somewhere.)

St. Bede ora pro nobis.

Please may I also ask your prayers for Rita whose husband’s funeral is today.