Confessions of a Kindle owner…

I have a confession to make. I have really annoyed my 17 year old daughter, a well brought up girl, who has a great love for books – real books. How can I have so offended her? Well, I have bought a Kindle.

This was not a sudden transaction on my part. I have been considering the merit or otherwise of e-readers for some time and have carefully considered the choices out there. Iona made it perfectly clear from the beginning that she utterly and completely disapproves of a book where there is neither booky smell nor the satisfaction of page turning. “When I am told a book is a ‘page turner’,” she tells me, “I think, that is the very least I expect of a book. What kind of book would it be if I couldn’t turn the page?”

Well the answer, which she finds most distressing, is a Kindle. Her most indecorous mother is now in possession of such an item. Worse still – I love it!

Now in part I have to blame dear Nonna for helping to lead me astray. She told me that not only is it gentle on the eyes, but (and this was the clincher) she can hold it easily and her arms don’t hurt!

Now, I must admit, all things being equal, I lean towards Iona’s point of view. Books are the most wonderful invention of man (properly written ones that is) and we have a house full of them. In fact we have so many books, it has caused  my poor husband to proclaim the oxymoronic phrase “Too many books.”

So why did I buy the darned contraption?

Firstly, because I just can’t see to read very often these days and when I can see well enough, it’s not a good time. I needed something that would allow me to read even when I normally can’t and wouldn’t hurt my eyes the way the computer screen does. Going by what I’ve found on line lots of people with sight problems for various reasons have one. The font size is adjustable and the “ink” is very clear on the page. It is light to hold and so doesn’t hurt the way a heavy tome tends to these days. For really bad days when my eyes wont even cope with super-sized print, there is the audible section where I can listen to MP3 downloads and audio books. So, you see all bases are covered and the Kindle has become a fibro-friend.

Free books are all over the place and then there are some fairly cheap books to be had too. Other books are not much cheaper for a digital version as for a hard copy, which is a surprise but perhaps as more people want to use  e-readers the prices of ebooks will come down. We’ll see. Can’t complain too much as the Kindle versions I could download are available straight away and I can read them! In fact there are some books we have in hard copy that I am finding so difficult to see, I am wondering about buying the e-version just so I am able to read it when I would like to read.

The fact is, as my eyes have become more unreliable and my hands don’t work so well, managing a book has been more difficult and I had reached a point when I was hardly reading anything unless it was on the computer (which was not helping my eyes).  This is my way around all these problems.

I will write another post telling you what I have on my Kindle.


3 responses to “Confessions of a Kindle owner…

  1. My own new Kindle should arrive today. I am so looking forward to it!

  2. I have owned a Kindle for about four months. I do like using it. I, too, have downloaded a good number of freebies by the likes of Chesterton, Wodehouse, Milne, Baum (the full series of the Wizard of Oz) oldies I’d wanted to read like Edgar Rice Burrough’s many fictions, HG Wells, Jules Verne etc. Some authors offer first novels for free, and one Sci-Fi author has a whole trilogy for free. I’ve now got over 200 books on it and am working my way through those before I decide what to buy to put on it!

    I like that I can take it with me almost anywhere in a purse & it keeps my place. It is easy to see, easy on the eyes and yes, indeed, it is very light.

    I understand your poor girl’s anxiety about not being able to turn the page, but at one time in human history, you didn’t turn a page, you waited for the story teller to wake up, or got out the rocks and chisel or poked triangles in another next clay tablet, or wax tablet, or unwound the scroll. We’ve always had a number of clever ways to get information passed along to each other, that didn’t always involve bound paper or velum!

    All that praise aside, my love for paper books hasn’t dimmed at all — the last three books I purchased were all brand new paperbacks!

  3. Enjoy your Kindles fellow readers.
    I too have downloaded lots of freebies.
    And I love the Audible bit.

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