Daily Archives: May 27, 2011

Jamie Olivier in LA

Jamie calls parents to show him what their children are eating in school and among the horrible junk a couple of children show him apples.
Jamie is amazed – fresh fruit.
“We homeschool!” announce the owners of the fruit.
Says it all.

Frugal Friday: How to use my time better

It’s the last day of half term and I have finished a week of watching what I do with my time to see if I can squeeze even more into my week.

I made and printed up a week, with each day divided into half hourly slots and tried to keep on top of what I was doing with my day. Well, to be honest, I don’t think I’m wasting a lot of time, but it was a useful exercise to see if I can cram in a little more reading time (now that I can read hehehehe) and some more writing time, so that I can offer more freebies to y’all – or at least a few better written ones as they wont be so rushed.

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