Quick Memory for the Decologue.

Today’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep My Commandments,” and by this I assume He meant the all in one commandment of ‘Love God, love neighbour’ which is unpacked in the 10 commandments, the 8 beatitudes and the Our Father.

Here’s a quick way to remember the 10.

Jesus said “Love God and love your neighbour.” We must see that we cannot do one without the other. We must love God first or we will be incapable of loving our neighbour.

The Ten Commandments split into two parts with one overlap. So we see loving God is the first three:

Worship only God and put nothing ahead of Him (that includes the false image of what you see in the mirror each morning)

Keep His Name holy (don’t misuse it in something like a vow at a babies baptism where you swear in God’s Name to bring the child up in His way and you have no intention of doing so. Also marriage vows come under this).

Keep His day holy (That is the eighth day now. The Lord’s Day)

Then there’s the overlap commandment that stands between earth and heaven.

Honour your father and mother; that is your biological or adoptive parents AND your spiritual parents.

Then comes love of neighbour.

Don’t murder people (no matter how small or sick)

Don’t commit adultery (or other sexual sins)

Don’t steal.

Don’t lie about other people (or gossip or detract)

Don’t envy your neighbours wife (and family)

Don’t envy your neighbours stuff.

There is a profound logic to the order of the commandments. I go with the numbering that keeps worship only God as one commandment and separates out wife and property at the end. I truly dislike the lumping together of wife and property. That’s truly yukky imho.

Anyway, once you get the logic, remembering them is easy.

3 responses to “Quick Memory for the Decologue.

  1. I must admit that I’m not very good a memorising lists! When I was much younger catechism class was based on the Penny Catechism , a series of Q&As – I always came bottom of the class! The Decalogue is unachievable by our own efforts, as it is an external code of moral conduct, which the Jews turned into a ‘cottage industry’ of external compliance and show. That’s why Jesus put the boot into them as much as he did. I think the statement, “If you love Me, you will keep My Commandments,” is more a statement of the right behaviour that will inevitably follow from loving Him, in itself a condition brought about by the infusion of the Holy Spirit into our being. Therefore,the Law rather than being an external code to be learnt and observed in a somewhat legalistic manner, to gain favour with God, becomes internalised and instinctively part of who we are, made Righteous by the Righteous one. Matthew 5-7 hits it right on the spot…

    Nice blog!


  2. Great way to memorize the ten commandments. I agree with you about the coupling of wife and possessions. It almost makes the wife like a possession.

  3. its not easy not to envy people who have much more than you? look at our leaders who seem to get away with all sorts and get paid loads of tax payers money! dont you ever envy them?

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