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How to make books Kindle readable.

There is a function where you can give your Kindle a name – so I have named mine Gilbert, after that great writer, thinker, and lover of cheese, Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

It comes with a wire that has a usb end and a micro usb end, and a three point plug. The Kindle can be charged using the plug pretty quickly – about an hour or so, or much more slowly via the computer. The wire can also be used for transfering books and audio onto the Kindle from the computer.

I have downloaded CALIBRE to my computer. It is free software that allows the user to covert books in a different format to mobi so they can be read on the Kindle. I have converted a few Pdf books this way. Apparently the best way of doing this is to convert from pdf to Lit first and then from lit to mobi. It has worked well for me, and isn’t too techy which is good.

If, like me, you might want to get Word or Publisher docs made Kindle friendly, then I recommend Primo pdf converter. It is also free. It’s what I use to make the freebies Kalei puts on her blog and as she was the one who gave me the heads up on it. I assume it’s what she uses to make all her amazing resources available to the rest of us.

Primo works in the “print” option for your documents.

Once you have made your pdf document you can make it mobi with Calibre.

Be warned however, some of the pdfs you can download from Internet Archive do not convert cleanly. However as many of their books are Kindle now, it doesn’t matter so much.

The other thing to note is that many free books, especially those from Internet Archive are not fotmatted very well – I think they were just converted. This can make some books a bit of a challenge to read on Kindlw – especially those with footnotes, but as they are free I am not complaining.

When you plug your Kindle into the computer and open files you will have Audible, Documents and Music. Apparently you can listen to music while you read. I haven’t tried this yet.

Audible is for audio files – mp3, audio books and so on.  I have loaded up THESE GEMS from G.K.Chesteron, and I have a series on the Shroud from EWTN which I think is no longer available.

The speakers on the Kindle aren’t that bad imo, but I do tend to use headphones when I’m listening, if for no other reason than the almighty racket in my kitchen when I’m working makes it difficuklt to think sometimes. LOL. (Washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, breadmaker, children…)

I have had a look at the Amazon UK Kindle store. Those of us this side of the pond cannot buy Kindle books from Amazon.com for some reason, but there are so many books out there that this shouldn’t be a problem at this point.

One thing I did note, sadly, is that the most popular books Amazon advertise are heavily towards the porn and erotica end of things. How very saf that is.

There’s plenty of really good stuff out there- I’ll try and post a list soon.