I wonder what the Civil Service make of me.

I’ve been given a heads up that my blog has been noticed and possibly read by members of the Civil Service who have been compiling information about home educators and what we think.

I wonder what they have made of my blog. perhaps they are just a little ashamed that they are so worried about a mere mother (statusless) who has, without a PGCE to her name managed to see her children learn to read and write and do science and get socialised, etc. etc…

They ought to be solidly ashamed of the fact I had to reteach my (then) 14-year-old son to read, after his treatment in one of their schools.

There was a big meeting at my LA recently. People with little children couldn’t attend of course because no provision was avialable. So, although this was supposedly a meeting wherein the LA staff could begin to build bridges with a (pretty angry) home educating community, they made it impossible for most of us to attend. Thanks. Then they sent out the most ignorant questionnaire in which documents already placed on their website were mentioned. It never occurred to these people who if they treated us with even a modicum of respect they might get some back. No. They write their silly documents, put them online and only then ask us what we think.

The meeting has come and gone. Have I received information from the LA about what was discussed or decided? No, of course not.

It seems that having quite deliberately knocked down any bridge between is, they, far from trying to rebuild, are simply throwing stones.


6 responses to “I wonder what the Civil Service make of me.

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  2. Just wondering what the LA is?

    Most people here seem more worried about socialization here than if the home educated children are learning. Probably the thing that stands out to me is that most parents can pick up the way there children learn best.

  3. agree with what you say well said mum6kids!

  4. Therese
    LA means Local Authority. They are the people who “inspect” or “monitor” or whatever those of us unfortunatel enough to be registered. Sadly the people sent out to see Home Educators have no understandung (with some gem like exceptions) of what HE is or why any of us might do it.

  5. Oh, I do hope they are reading mine too. Readers can see no good of themselves in some cases!

  6. For reasons not connected to being inspected, I got to see the inner workings of the mind of someone who works for a LA with challenging teens. It was scary to see this person’s thinking laid bare. Firstly, they believed entirely that whatever they thought and said was right. Secondly that it should be acted upon as they instructed. Thirdly that they knew all about autonomous education. Fourthly, they didn’t…they had no idea at all. Fifthly, they simply wouldn’t be told – I couldn’t explain however much I tried, why their thinking was misinformed and what autonomous education was really about. They had various ways of blocking out this information, from over-talking to blanking to various logical fallacies, (appeal to authority, appeal to common practice, ad hominems, that sort of thing), threats and anger. Sixthly, they simply denied the obvious data and explanations which would have refuted their prejudices.

    Aside from making me think that the average HEing parent is FAR better atuned to reality and clear thinking, I just found the whole experience profoundly scary.

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