Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Home Education (Summer week 1) Book basket with kindle

Heleyna (age 4) is reading The Pancake and Floppy Floppy from Stage 1 ORT. She is also reading Peppa Pig Stars (we have the copy without the CD).And The Big Alfie Out of Doors Story Book

Avila (age 6, K, yr 1) is reading Born to Dance ORT 11 and other stuff.

Ronan (age 8 g2 yr 3) is still reading Detectives in Togas and Treasure Island off my Kindle.

Read alouds this week are The Spartan Twins, Heroes of Israel poetry from Ambleside and Fairyland of Science (also available at Baldwin Books).

Other books this week: Exploring Creation with Botany and Science 2

Songschool Latin and Greek which the children reall enjoy and has boosted our classical language lessons out of the rut we were grinding through.

Our Catholic Legacy Vol 1 and Story of the World 2 (which I don’t recommend although Vol 1 is ok)

Religion 2 for YC which I am using for both Ronan and Avila. In Sept he will move onto R 3 and she’ll be on R 1 and I’ll run them alongside the Faith and Life books.

My personal reading Necromancers by Robert Hugh Benson

Iona had just started Plugged by Eoin Colfer. It gets some pretty mixed reviews on Amazon. I’ll let you know what she thinks of it later.

Free Resources for June the month of the Sacred Heart can be found at That Reasource Site and my Little History of the Priesthood

I am sure we’ll be looking at more books as the week goes on. I’ll try and update.

This will be a five week term and I really must plan the Autumn term from Sept to Christmas.