Frugal Friday Freebies: Colour book. The Ten Commandments; the month of the Sacred Heart: Science and a story about milk.

One of the HE mums I know posted a link to THIS COLOURING BOOK to help children deal with some difficult situations.

As she mentions herself the illustrations are a bit rough but there may be useful stuff there.

It’s June so if you are studying the Sacred Heart – there are some freebies on offer over at Kalie’s Resource Site – notebooking and a little lesson from me.

If you remember that I did a post on how to remember the Ten Commandments. There’s a quick sheet HERE to help understand how the Our Father, Decalogue and Beatitudes all work together. I need to write some follow up on this – but I will wait until I am actually awake to do so.

Final freebie for today is this bloomin’ marvellous site The Catholic Laboratory. The podcasts are excellent. I have them on my Kindle and am listening to them all. (It could take a while). I have a long standing interest in Catholic scientists, especially as so many moon craters are named after Jesuits- so this is quite a find.

With all those frugal freebies for your use, I have a story of milk to tell you.

Unlike the Promised Land, Britain is not flowing with milk and honey. It’s more like bills and debt. Ordinary good hard working people are finding life very tough at the moment.

We have our milk delivered in the traditional way – by the milk man. If we run out (as does happen) we do the cheapo thing and buy some from Tescos. However, Tescos is a massive and badly behaved corporation that we are not that fond of. It is very important to keep local people employed and this means keeping the local businesses supported. However it is more expensive to have milk from the milk man than the supermarket and we’re trying to be frugal here aren’t we?

Well, it seems to me that being frugal should come with a caveat – that is, not at someone else’s expense. So. When the man who helps run the local dairy farm came to our door and said his brother’s farm is at risk because Kraft, who now own Cadbury’s have cancelled the massive milk order, I was willing for him to be our new milk man. His milk is just a little cheaper as well so that’s great. I also wondered if we could arrange a Home Ed trip to the farm to see the very cows whose milk we are drinking now. All seems great doesn’t it?

So I paid the other milk man and explained I was going with the local farm milk. It turns out that he is self-employed in a franchise rather than employed as I assumed. Ouch! He is past retirement age but has to work as he is still supporting his family.

The outcome is I now have two milkmen. It does mean that our milk bill will be a bit more – but not so much it will add to the debt so hey. It is vitally important to keep our communities alive and help people keep above water.  Anyway, I am a distributist and what kind of distributist wants cheap milk anyway? So, be frugal where you can, but get your milk from a milkman.


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