After Peter and Paul, the month of the Precious Blood

A couple of us Home Ed families sat with all the school children on Wednesday for the Mass of SS Peter and Paul. It is interesting to consider that Paul was called the Apostle to the Gentiles. At the time Peter had only replaced Judas and so there were twelve apostles, symbolising that all twelve tribes of Israel were called back to the Bridegroom from the diaspora and then Paul became the thirteenth aposle going out to bring all of us gentiles home.

One of the aspects of their story that I like is the way God likes to make things topsy turvey. Paul was the one with the big education. He has been trained at the feet of Gamiliel, one of the greatest rabbi’s of the time. He knew his faith, the Scriptures and as a Pharisee had understood the theology of resurrection.  He had converted from a life of tyrinical persecution of the Church to become her most famous preacher.

Peter had been a fisherman from Galilee. He was a simple man with straight forward ways, and yet God has so arranged things that Peter had the authority to lead the Church. He had been the one who had had to meet Saul of Tarsus and see if his claims of conversion were true.

In the end both these astonishing men were to suffer and die as witmesses to the Faith Christ had called them to.

There has been a modern attempt to pit Paul against Peter. This dishonesty will have to be explained one day.

July is the Month of the Precious Blood. We remember how Jesus shed every last drop of His blood for us. When the priest adds a drop of water to the cup of wine before consectrating it, that reminds us of St. John’s witness that as St. Longinus pierced the side of Jesus that blood and water flowed out.

Someone once phoned a radio programme and asked if it was important in artwork which side Jesus wound was portrayed and she was told no. But I have to say I disagree. I believe it was His right side that was pierced because that fulfills the Scripture more closely when Ezekial has his vision (Ezk 47:1+). Jesus has already identified Himself with the Temple when he said “destroy this Temple and in three days I will raise it up again,” so it would seem to me at any rate that He was peirced in His right side.

One of the best ways to meditate on His Precious Blood is to look at the pictures of the Shroud of Turin.

He told St. Bridget that He received over 5000 wounds for our sake. If you are saying the 15 prayers you will notice that this includes the fact that He suffered hermatidrosis – that is He sweated blood due to the imense emotional pressure He was under just before Judas arrived in the garden.

By the time I get around to doing a lesson for this month it might be nearly over – but better late than never…


3 responses to “After Peter and Paul, the month of the Precious Blood

  1. Steve P in Madison, Wis.

    I’m enjoying the coincidence of the feast of the Sacred Heart falling on the same day as the old feast of the Precious Blood.

  2. Thanks Steve. I thought it was the Fewast of the Sacred Heart today but I couldnn’t see it written about – so i thought I was just having a fibro-fog moment. lol

  3. Steve P in Madison, Wis.

    New calendar: Friday after second Sunday after Pentecost = Sacred Heart

    Old calendar: July 1 = Feast of the Precious Blood

    In 2011: Friday after second Sunday after Pentecost = July 1

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