Immaculate Heart and Sacred Heart.

It’s a first Saturday and after yesterday’s feast of the Sacred Heart we celebrate the Immaculate Heart of His mother.

The pictures/icons/symbols are various but the hearts of Jesus and Mary are always shown burning with love and pierced with thorns. Christ’s heart wears the crown He wore as the Bridegroom in His Passion, while Mary’s heart is wrapped in the roses and thorns of her sorrows and joy in loving God above all and loving each of us as He gave us to her motherly care.

We live in a culture that has poured so much sugar over the word love that we are beginning to need spiritual-insulin. I think it was Mother Teresa who said we should “love until it hurts.” There’s nothing sentimental about tending sick people, dealing with bodily fluids or confused angry attacks from patients (ask any nurse) but doing that care properly is love.

I have been honoured to see people who truly love until it hurts. Unsung heros and heroines who might go unnoticed but who have made tough decisons and made the sacrifices needed to care for others. Many of these little acts cannot be made public, but right now, as I type, I know of one family stepping out to do that extra mile for love of someone else and are facing the difficulties that will come with it. Pray for them all this weekend.


One response to “Immaculate Heart and Sacred Heart.

  1. I will pray for them Shell.

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