Kindle- how to get Universalis Divine Office.

Universalis offer three months free download of their translation of Divine Office. After that, if you still want to use the Office on your Kindle or other device you spent £20 or so and get the code and it’s yours forever or until He comes again.

For Kindle – go to their DOWNLOAD PAGE and click on “e-book format” a lionk near the top of the page. That will take you to ABOUT E-BOOKs scroll down a little and you will see About Samples

Click on “kindle format” and save.

An icon will appear on your desk top.

Double click the icon and Univsersalis will appear.




Click on the little downarrow in the corner and then click on “create Kindle (mobi pocket) e-book. You can choose to download a day, week, month or year. Save the copy. I save into a folder I have made in My Documents for My Kindle Content. It will look something like this:

Now contect your Kindle to the computer with the USB cable. Open folders and it will give you the choice of DOCUMENTS, AUDIBLE and MUSIC. Drag and drop the Universalis book into the docs of Kindle and it’s all yours.

If you like it (and I love it) you can buy the registration code. Go back to the Univseralis home page. Just above where it says downloads it says “buying a single registration code.” Click on that.

When you have redownloaded and payed etc. you simply type the code in and you can have the whole year. I’ve now downloaded 2011 onto my Kindle.

The introductory prayers have sermons from the Church Fathers, so you might want to buy Jimmy Akin’s The Father’s Know Best to go with it. 🙂



7 responses to “Kindle- how to get Universalis Divine Office.

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  2. I have been thinking about getting a kindle and about praying the divine office more. I might have to talk to Steve about it.

  3. THank you very much. After three days of frustration from Universalis your post has brought peace and tranquillity within five minutes!
    I followed the instructions on your post and I have now got the Divine Office on my Kindle.Deo Gratias et thank you very much. You and yours will have a special remembrance in Mass in an hours time.
    God bless you

  4. I have allready purchased morning&evening prayer on my kindle how do I go about loading for next year 2013.

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