Leibster Blog Award

I am honoured and quite touched to have received this award from Sanabitur Anima Mea. She writes an amazing blog which openly expresses the battle with eating disorders and how Faith is the rope to climb out of the pit. One thing about the internet and especially many blogs that I believe are a wonderful place for genuine help, support and information for people with all sorts of struggles in life. It’s a brave thing to do – to expose those painful areas of life that so many people turn their noses up at, or whisper about in darkened rooms.

I pass the award onto:

1) Nonna and her Neuropoetry; another blog that offers hope for those in constant pain from CSF/ME and Fibro amongst other things. She’s an amazing homeschooling mother and wife and lover of God.

2) ‘Gwen’ and ‘Elinor’ with their tea and buscuit lives over at Life, The Universe, and Would you Pass the Custard Creams. I would like to add Inspector Crocodile Binoculars, who, while she herself is blogless, has given rise to blogging. It is a joy to know that “young people” can make a decent pot of tea and a rather lovely cup of Lady Grey when asked by Dearest Mother.

3) Become What You Are – a homeschooling mother and grandmother who fights the good fight and is the mother of heroes.

4) Therese at he Aussie Coffee Shop who homeschools in the heat of winter and the cool of summer and is the mother of two children with type 1 diabetes. Her blog often covers information on the subject that can be of great help to us mothers of children and adults with type 1. She also helps show that t1d is different to type 2.

5) Rita swimming through her Tigerish Waters; a woman of Faith and science and who is just beginning the life of widowhood.

I don’t think I’ll be blogging for about three weeks now – but I would leave y’all with a request for prayers. Please pray for friends of mine where the dad of the little home ed family is just being made redundant. It is a very scary time for them all as I am sure you can imagine.

Please also pray for the situation I mentioned before. It cannot be made public but I know I can count on your prayers for this.

God bless


6 responses to “Leibster Blog Award

  1. sanabituranima


    I will pray for that family.

  2. Oh thanks so much Shell. I will have a think about who to pass this on to.

    God bless

  3. Warmest Congratulations

  4. Thank you Shell!! You are such an encouragement!!!!

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  6. Hi m6k, hope you’re ok. Just wanted to let you know I’m getting spam email from an old email address of yours, you might want to check it’s shut down properly.

    Thinking of you! xx

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