It’s In His Kiss.

Some time ago dh wanted a copy of Grace Before Meals as he was interested in how the book encouraged family eating together to improve family life. There are some pretty good recipes too. (No, dh has not cooked any.)

The author of the book Fr.Patalinghug also talks about the importance of beauty and the theology of beauty. Listening to him on Catholic Answers he talked about how when we kiss, we are expressing a kind of “being fed” sort of love. Patrick Coffin the anchor for the programme commented about how we tend to say things like “I want to eat you up,” to babies. Then Father Patalinghug  explained where kissing comes into the Liturgy.

It’s something I have never thought much about before. It happens at every Mass and it’s just part of the process.  He talked of how the priest kisses the stole before putting it on, that he kisses the Gospel before reading it because this is the Word of God and that although he doesn’t kiss the Eucharist, he does kiss the altar (and anyway he consumes the Eucharist). Then he said that the kiss of peace was originally meant to be a kiss as this is the family, the body of Christ.

The symbolism of the kiss as giving and receiving love makes the kiss Judas gave Jesus even more sorrowful and traitorous, in that he would have had true love from Christ, if only he had allowed Him to, for Christ did not kiss Judas as he was arrested then and there.

I shall stop taking so much liturgical practice for granted.


One response to “It’s In His Kiss.

  1. Yes. It is easy to take it for granted. There is so much symbolism in our actions. I constantly remind myself, how we pray and how we live is how we believe. lex orandi lex credendi lex vivendi

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