Wonderful Day!

We had a truly wonderful day yesterday. My friend Shana and some of her children have been able, thanks to the amazing kindness of a friend, Sue, to be able to come to England! WoW! Sue was extra-kind in arranging for Shana and the children to spend a day with us yesterday. We all went to Cadbury World after lunch and came back for more food and time to chill’n’chat.

I heard a lecture not so long ago where a good Father insisted that real friendships could not be made across the internet. Well, I think yesterday was evidence to the contrary.

We all met via Catholic-Pages about 11 years ago and even when the forum closed we stayed in touch.

The question of whether friendships made over the internet are real or not is one that keeps being asked. I think many confuse the term “virtual reality” that discribes games with high tech interactive ability, with anything that happens online. It seems to me that being in touch with people via email, MSN, Skype and even Facebook can be “real” contact and form real friendships just as letters and postcards back in the day did.


5 responses to “Wonderful Day!

  1. I do agree with you – I have met some fantastic friends through my blogging activities… and I posted on this very subject just last week.

  2. I agree. I am a member of Steve Rays message board and have built some very strong friendships there. When I need some advise, their opinions probably have more weight than friends irl simply because they are catholic mothers with similar goals in life to me.

  3. Thank you ladies.
    Actually Therese you raise a very good point. I think many of us have formed firm friendships over the internet with people who might live in a different part of the world, but at least think we come from the same planet as they do.

  4. I know I’m late here, but I wanted to also agree with your sentiments. I too think that wonderful people can be found online and great friendships formed. In a slightly different vein, I met my hubby about 14 years ago online and the rest is history. We were pioneers of the sort back then, but we owe it all to the internet.


  5. And as I am just ‘getting to’ all the stuff I missed when away, I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful hospitality – that HUGE mountain of lovely, delicious scones! We were so blessed by our time with your family, and are so grateful to God that your lot are our friends.

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