Free lessons: Marriage part II and other stuff

Kalei has posted my next set of lessons on her blog and website.

So go HERE to see Part II of my lessons on marriage.

She has also posted my “put together and label the parts of a flower” little lesson.

This is my first attempt at a cheapo Montessori type activity. What Dr. Montessori would make of my efforts I dread to think – but it’s worth a try.

Take a look at the rest of the stuff on That Resource Site Blog and WEBSITE

You can also get my lessons from the page Kalei made for my stuff

For those of you interested in using my Marriage lessons, can I suggest that you start with my lesson on the history of the priesthood. It will help (I hope) to place my lessons on marriage in a context. Then follow with part one of the Marriage and Christ as the Bridegroom.

And can I just add an invitation on behalf of Kalie. You will see when you visit That Resource Site that she has an area for “friends” where those of us who can offer resources have our own page designed for us. If you have stuff to share do let her know. It’s a lovely idea that parents can share their talents and interests so that others get to keep to a budget.

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