New Translation slurring and slipping but went well really.

We started the new translation of the Mass yesterday. I managed to actually be there this week! There were some slurring and slipping but I think most of us got the hang of at least some of it. Fortunately, our family had been instructed while at Mass in Scotland. So, it wasn’t a complete shock to the system.

The readings were about the spiritual work of mercy, correcting the sinner. Of course that is totally unacceptable these days even, or especially, among Christians. Thanks to the truly yukky misuse of that word “judgemental” no one dares help anyone out of a nasty situation these days. But the reading makes it very horribly clear that if someone dies in their sin and we knew about it and did nothing to try and help them, we will have to answer for it when our time comes.

We are answerable not just for what we say, but for what we don’t say; not only what we do, but for what we fail to do. I hope timing isn’t going to be a big one for God. I have been late on these matters more than once, faffing about trying to find the right words. Perhaps I should stop worrying and just trust God will help me speak the truth in love, without me having to plan it all.


2 responses to “New Translation slurring and slipping but went well really.

  1. Here in the US, most of us have to wait until Advent begins for the new translation! I am really looking forward to it. 🙂

  2. In Canada, we too, will begin using the new translation on the First Sunday of Advent.

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