Home Education impromptu learning.

One of the things I love about HE is the way the children will just do stuff, all by themselves to learn a skill.

We had an impromptu displacement lesson a few days ago when Ronan noticed that the more veg I added to a soup the fuller the pot got and asked how that happened. This lead to a large bowl of water and a number of toys and a measuring tape. Fun for ages, eureka!

Today a friend brought over a replacement stair gate. Our old one is done in and the little ones have all worked out how to bypass it. She, her son and Ronan spent ages working out how to get it to fit and using spanners and measuring tape to get things under way.

it needs some extra bits but after they had worked out what we needed Ronan and his friend went off with the measuring tape and set about measuring all sorts of things. No adults required.

One day Dr. Maria Montessori was a little late coming to her class. When she arrived the children had already collected the things they needed and were setting about their work without adults to tell them what to do. It was a eureka moment for her too.


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