You learn something new every day.

We’re more or less back into the swing of things with home education now. We’ve done some work with magnets. It happens that the children have a little wooden train set that works with magnets and to my surprise, quite strong magnets. They had great fun with repulsion pushing one carriage across the table with the other not touching it. Then it was time to make patterns with iron filings from Ronan’s little science kit.

We also made some copper sulphate crystals and we are attempting to grow sugar crystals on cotton. However I think I chose the wrong time of year for the evaporation. The house is too cold LOL!

Meanwhile we seem to have a house full of conkers and quite a few acorns. Ronan and his friend M discussed the fact that people have eaten them, so it has been suggested that we cook some and see. I know they need a lot of cooking to get the tannin out of them, but if we can get a few together I’m willing to let them at least cook them and see.

But conkers? What can we do with them? Well, there’s the obvious game and making autumn decorations with them, painting them, making them into spiders and other creatures with added pipe cleaners and googly eyes. But I wondered if they had any other uses.

So I googled. And I discovered that during the First and Second World Wars children in Britain were paid to gather conkers for the munitions factories as they made good explosive stuff – cordite. The first game of conkers was recorded in 1848, so there you go, you really can learn something new every day.


One response to “You learn something new every day.

  1. Nice science experiments, kids are learning a lot of basic science. Kids who learn science through experiments can answer many other daily life activities with relation to science. Such activities can be running fan, electricity or even the engine in a car.

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