A question of miracles and angels (on what would be the Feast of Guardian Angels)

Someone asked whether there was evidence from other Christian communities of great miracles akin to those seen in the Catholic Church. It’s something I too have occasionally wondered about. Part of the way Christ proved His credentials was by the great miracles He performed and His apostles went on, with His authority, to do the same, which included raising the dead.

I am reading the life of St. Teresa of Avila by R.H Benson and I note the very great miracles associated with this amazing saint. She healed, she exuded holy oil and was (possibly still is) incorrupt.  I read a short story of St. Pio (Padre Pio) to the children for his feast day and there again there were some amazing miracles associated with him, not least of which was the restoration of a lost eye to a doctor who had been an atheist and who became Catholic.

Mgr Benson spent a lot of time in Lourdes and beheld many miracles himself there. Something like 70,000 people observed the miracle of the sun on October 13th 1917 that was centred around Fatima.

The miracle of Lanciano is another almost shocking miracle which defies science as Christ allowed cardiac tissue to form within the centre of a Consecrated Host and the wine turned to blood. It’s all been tested and yet still there are those, so terrified by the implications who either insist it just must be a hoax, or more comfortably, ignore it. This is in the face that 1200 years later the blood and cardiac tissue are still fine.

Benson tells the story of how the author Zola actually observed a miracle and went home and lied about it, rather than accept what he had seen in Lourdes. Zola of course was desperate to remain atheist, but what excuse for side stepping huge miracles do Christians have?

On a slightly different note I wonder about Guardian angels. We always tend to think of Guardian Angels as the ones who take care of us on an individual basis. We hear stories of saints who had a very close relationship with their angel – Padre Pio for example. But I also wonder about guardian angels for countries.

The children at Fatima first received a visit from the Angel of Portugal, and received the promise that Portugal would never lose the Faith. We know from Scripture that Israel had a guardian angel, which I think was St. Michael. I assume from this that every country has a guardian angel, but I wonder if countries who as a cultural whole reject God, also reject the protection of their angel. Countries with horrible histories like Germany and England come to mind. Is it possible to (for want of a better term) sack/fire a guardian angel?

I was reading Divine Office a couple of days ago and Jesus condemns whole towns, Chorazim and Capernaum, and then in Revelation John is told of the Seven Churches and the one in Laodicea is in for a serious judgement. So I am wondering if individual parishes and archdiocese have an angel?

I am also left wondering about invincible ignorance? If God has given His Church plenty of miracles, some of which are pretty astonishing even by miraculous standards, and if He sends His Mother to speak to us, and if there is plenty of opportunity, especially these days, for people to get access to this information – how genuinely invincably ignorant are many people? I suppose that’s for God and the individual to work out.

The miracles produced by the saints of the Church through the Grace of God are often amazing, sometimes mysterious and of course very thoroughly researched these days.

And thankfully the age of miracles is not over. I loved the story of the dead baby who returned to life after prayers to Fulton Sheen. Hopefully he will be canonised soon.

Now then, when will we see a miracle attributed to Gilbert and Frances Chesterton? Soon I hope 🙂




3 responses to “A question of miracles and angels (on what would be the Feast of Guardian Angels)

  1. I think I agree with you on the sacking of angels. Our diocese hasn’t had an ordination for over 25 years. Time to get guardian angel interceeding for us I think.

  2. Angels are real, that is something I can share. There have been too many reported incidents of angels (across religions!) throughout history to deny this fact. I feel awfully sad for those who refuse to believe.

  3. These thoughts have been going through my mind so often recently, you worded it so well. I think you hit the nail on the head when you say people are more “comfortable” to ignore and our world is sooo self focused!! I just watched a clip/documentary where people did not know who Hitler was….

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