Life and Home Education – keeping up.

Things change. Last week, I had more than had enough of this home ed marlarky and felt exhausted and burned out. Well, here I am, feeling better- thanks to the fact that I am not nearly so ill as I was last week, and thanks also to the amazing spurt of work progress the children have made the last couple of days. But then it’s not so much that they have worked harder, but that I haven’t been on their case so much, so they have just settled down to get on with it.

The sun is shining and the birds are singing and the children made music with milk bottles and worked out how the ‘cello strings make different notes. They sailed through mapwork and reading and even maths went reasonably well. Ah, now, a home ed mum’s perfect couple of days.

I also came across a short article pdf thing called “I was raised by wolves” which was the overview of a mother who is now homeschooling her children, after receiving the education of her peers at her own school. This education reflects very much the utter nastiness that my children (the older three) confess they saw at school. I am more than grateful that I pulled Alex out of all that as some of the stories he has told me since are horrible. Any parent who thinks pornography is blocked on school computers needs to think again – too many kids know too much about hacking and not enough about virtue.

So I read “I was raised by wolves” and got the nudge (which is like a sharp holy elbow in the ribs, but is somewhat less painful than the holy 2×4 that I have required on more than one occasion) that reminded me that I am home educating for a reason.

And as Shana pointed out that sending children to school makes things worse, not better.

Meanwhile it’s the 40 DAYS FOR LIFE prayer and witness at the moment, so join your prayers with theirs.

I am praying specificially for the staff, parents and babies that work, suffer and die in the local abortion mill. I am praying it will close down and become something good instead.


One response to “Life and Home Education – keeping up.

  1. So glad that you are feeling better. It is amazing how caught up we can get and forget the big picture of why we homeschool our kiddos. When we remember why we do it, the how we do it just seems to fall into place. And I agree that when we seem to give the kids more space and harp on them less, more gets done! 🙂 Our week is looking up, too. The kids came down with a cold and they have managed to do more reading and joyful learning from their beds than they did last week being scrutinized from the kitchen table…lol. God is good!

    Blessings, Kalei

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