Why doesn’t God just show us He is there?

So many times I hear the question, why doesn’t God make it easy to believe in Him? If He is really there, why does He make it so hard for us to find Him? Even I have caught myself asking this question.

Of course Jesus answers it in His parable of Dives and Lazarus. Dives is the rich man who walks past the poor Lazarus every day and never so much as notices him as he leads his rich and comfortable existence. Both men die, and Dives is in the fires of either hell or purgatory and he calls out to father Abraham when he sees Lazarus, asking that Lazarus bring him a little water. Abraham says it’s impossible for either man to cross the chasm between them. Dives then (implying he is in purgatory) asks that someone go warn his brothers and receives the famous reply “Even is someone should rise from the dead they will not believe.”

And we are told how Lazarus, Jesus’ friend, did rise from the dead and the widow’s son at Nain rose from the dead, and finally Jesus Himself rose from the dead and STILL they did not believe.

It is therefore hardly surprising that a huge miracle, like the one that happened this day 13th Oct 1917 where over 70,ooo people observed the sun dancing about and falling from the sky, has also not caused mass conversions. In fact despite Our Lady’s call for conversion to avoid another world war, people did not respond and so the Second World War arrived as did the spread of the errors of Russia.

If the healing of the sick and the spinning sun isn’t enough for us, what more can God do to show Himself to us? Perhaps other saints would have more success. St. Pio whose prayers brought vision to a girl who had no pupils. Doctors were amazed that even though she received 20/20 vision, she still had no pupils. Her name was Gemma something – I must look it up some time.

Little Saint Jacinta of Fatima is incorrupt. Another miracle. What more are we supposed to have as signs? Why do people look at the astonishing good and holy lives of these saints and say, “Oh it must be a hoax.” ? It’s crazy.

The lives of the saints are astonishing witnesses to the power and presence of God. Why are so many people still asking for a sign? Even when someone returns from the dead, they refuse to believe.


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