Pumpkins and saints. Strange combination, but we don’t mind.

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We had a quiet little Halloween/All Saints/All Souls/Pumpkin get together yesterday. The children made little sweets and then carved pumpkins or made paper lanterns. Then they chose someone they loved who had died recently and wrote a little prayer for them.

We took the prayers with us to Mass this morning and left them at the foot of the altar.

They carved the pumpkins into silly faces and Heleyna, although she had made a paper lantern, carved a face into a pepper as well. It glows rather nicely with a tea light inside it.

Back to some “formal” learning today and they will do a little tomorrow morning before everyone arrives.  I want Thursday to be a head down and getting on with it day.

Friday’s have been our little group History and Art days but that looks set to change. So this Friday will be for Heleyna and her friends to do some joint work in science, maths and Sign Language. Then I’ll sort out with K how she can get here with her children around all the meetings and appointments that come with fostering.

All change. We can easily shift and rearrange. It’s one of those little home ed advantages that we don’t tend to notice very often.


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