It is better to light the Pink Candle than to curse the darkness ;)

Guadette Sunday – it just makes you feel better no matter how naff you feel physically. The “already but not yet” moment of Christ’s coming seems even more imminent as we hurtle towards His birthday.

In the Gospel reading the question of who John the Baptist is gets asked. It is the same question that is later asked of Jesus. Some wonder if John is Elijah returned as the prophets have proclaimed but John says he isn’t. On the other hand Jesus says he is.

Spend any time studying Scripture and you will soon see God likes typology. He tells us His story by the stories of those who foreshadow Christ. So John is not literally Elijah, though he carries the same charism; he is a type of Elijah, a foreshadow of the prophet who will return at the time of the Second Coming (along with Enoch the other gentleman of the Old Testament who doesn’t die but is taken).

So what has John’s role, preparing for Christ got to do with pink candles and all that joy in the midst of the penitential season? And if todays reading are really pointing us to the Second Coming, isn’t that more scary than joyful?

I’ve no idea, but I suspect the church in her infinite wisdom and knowledge of human nature might want to remind us that Jesus coming again is actually a GOOD thing. Not for everyone of course, but surely those who love Christ will be glad to see Him.

This reminder comes as next week is the last Sunday of Advent and we really should have made straight our lives and remembered our baptismal promises so whether He comes of as the Divine Child or Divine Mercy, we are ready. If not of course He will be the Just Judge. But we get plenty of preparation time, so lets get ready.




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