Daily Archives: December 15, 2011

Fibromyalgia and my heart.

Saw the cardio yesterday. He wasn’t too fussed about me. He tells me that because I don’t smoke, drink heavily or eat rubbish that I have approx a 5% chance of angina. He then went on to tell me I don’t have a heart murmur. When I pointed out I had always had one and it wasn’t (as he said) just one doctor who had noticed it, he backed down a bit and admitted it was possible he just hadn’t heard it. lol. Doctors!

So, there were changes on the ECG meaning I now await an ultrasound appt.

I did point out that fibro gives me  much higher chance of heart failure and he nodded and said, “Yes, well that’s another reason to do the ultrasound.”

He pressed on a couple of trigger points (left side collar bone/clavicle points) and said I had intercostal pain. Sadly I think he was pretending to know way more about fibro than he did. Although intercostal pain is extremely common with us fibro folk, pressing on a trigger point will hurt regardless. “sigh”.

Anyway, first hoop jumped through. Have to see GP again for next hurdle. Not sure when I will be doing that or whether I should wait for the ultra sound.

Unfortunately I am not functioning as well as I want to. I wish there was a magic wand somewhere – or a trip to Lourdes. Or perhaps I should try Fulton Sheen – it looks like the miracle of the baby returning from death has been passed to the Vatican for final approval. Go Fulton!

I digress. Al is very pleased I am not about to drop dead. I told him he would have to tell all those women out there awaiting him, they had to wait a bit longer 😉 lol.

cooking for Christmas recipes: cranberry sauce

Cranberries are in season for a very short time indeed (What was God thinking?). So grab ’em while you can get them.

1 lb cranberries

a cinnamon stick and a star anise

5 fl oz of liquid either; water, red wine; orange juice; blueberry juice or something you would really like to see used to make cranberry sauce.

six tablespoons of sugar

Put the cranberries, cinnamon, star anise and liquid into the pan and heat until the cranberries have softened. Don’t add the sugar at the beginning as apparently it toughens the berry skins. I have forgotten occasionally and not noticed too much faff, but it is a bit easier to squish the cranberries if the sugar isn’t there.

The other thing I have found is that this amount per batch works best. Doubling up for me at least has not worked so well.

Now then, this is the basic cranberry sauce. You could do half cranberries half stoned cherries. You can use brandy, AfterShock or that orange liqueur whose name has gone out of my head right now.

If like us you can’t use alcohol then experiment with fancy juices and different sugars. (not molasses, it doesn’t seem to go with cranberries).

This one is easy enough for the children to have a go.