Fibromyalgia and my heart.

Saw the cardio yesterday. He wasn’t too fussed about me. He tells me that because I don’t smoke, drink heavily or eat rubbish that I have approx a 5% chance of angina. He then went on to tell me I don’t have a heart murmur. When I pointed out I had always had one and it wasn’t (as he said) just one doctor who had noticed it, he backed down a bit and admitted it was possible he just hadn’t heard it. lol. Doctors!

So, there were changes on the ECG meaning I now await an ultrasound appt.

I did point out that fibro gives me  much higher chance of heart failure and he nodded and said, “Yes, well that’s another reason to do the ultrasound.”

He pressed on a couple of trigger points (left side collar bone/clavicle points) and said I had intercostal pain. Sadly I think he was pretending to know way more about fibro than he did. Although intercostal pain is extremely common with us fibro folk, pressing on a trigger point will hurt regardless. “sigh”.

Anyway, first hoop jumped through. Have to see GP again for next hurdle. Not sure when I will be doing that or whether I should wait for the ultra sound.

Unfortunately I am not functioning as well as I want to. I wish there was a magic wand somewhere – or a trip to Lourdes. Or perhaps I should try Fulton Sheen – it looks like the miracle of the baby returning from death has been passed to the Vatican for final approval. Go Fulton!

I digress. Al is very pleased I am not about to drop dead. I told him he would have to tell all those women out there awaiting him, they had to wait a bit longer 😉 lol.


One response to “Fibromyalgia and my heart.

  1. Haha. I am glad you are not about to drop dead too Shell.

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