Theotokos and Happy 2012

Bouncing into the new year celebrating the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God; known from the Greek as Theotokos – God bearer.

Nestorius in the 4th to 5th Century tried to insist that Jesus could not have been fully human and fully Divine and that Mary could not be called “God-bearer” but “Christ-bearer”. His compromise in title, however, found no foothold with either side of the  argument as the real question was on the nature of the Incarnation. Jesus is fully human and fully Divine; not half and half or one thing or the other. The temptation towards papa-sum-ism was strong from the beginning of the Church it seems.

The Church and the actual Pope reminded Christians that Christ is God and that there is One God in three persons, not three Gods and that Christ was one person with two natures, human and divine and as such Mary is indeed the Theotokos.

It’s a nice complicated theological toffee to get your teeth stuck into at the beginning of each year!

Have a blessed 2012.


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