Happy Epiphany to you. With the new way the Masses work now we wont actually be celebrating it until Sunday. In fact our MC was trying to work out how long he could live the crib scene up with the Magi in. They are heavy and he wanted to have his time-worth after lugging them into place. I suggested Candlemass (hehehe).

Should have read the children The Legend of Old Befana today and made some sugar coal or something. But we didn’t. Tomorrow maybe.


One response to “Epiphany

  1. We were able to go to an Extraordinary Form Mass this evening and so get our Epiphany on the correct day. This is not an option for a lot of people and the Bishops should return our feasts to their rightful place. Afterwards the priest blessed chalk and we inscribed the entrance to our home with the Epiphany Blessing on our return.

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