It’s all in a day.

We had a lovely quiet day yesterday with J and her children. She was looking very uncomfortable as Iona’s godson was refusing to be born – cheeky chap. He had been due on Boxing Day and had been putting his poor mother through more nights of on and off contractions than are considered polite.

As she had another hospital appt this morning and had a home birth planned, you can imagine that she really didn’t want to face the pressure to come in and stay in for induction.

Prayed lots last night and got Shana onside this morning as she was up at some unearthly time her side of the pond working her little historical socks of for a homeschool day. God was listening and the lad arrived at 11:40 today at home, just as he was supposed to. He weighs  in at 8lb 7oz and is of course wonderful- as you would expect from my daughter’s godson.

And I saw the doc this afternoon. Have more steroids and antibiotics and a form to go for a chest x-ray. He recommended the pneumonia jab when I’m well enough.

It’s all in  a day.


3 responses to “It’s all in a day.

  1. And what did they name this wonderful little boy??

  2. Thrilled that all the little guy was born! Glad to have done my share of nagging – er – praying on his behalf!

    Also good news that you had a doctor who didn’t consider your medical history a case of Woman’s Hysterics and actually knew enough to ask after your heart. I hope you are getting better!

    I also do hope to take you up on meeting Al’s relations someday! I wonder if they’ll be able to understand my strange accent? 🙂

  3. Wonderful news on the baby. Christopher was overdue by 10 days and I said to hubby, I think I need at least 10 years of purgatory for those 10 days lol.

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