The Government want to define what “full time education” is for 16 – 17 yr olds

It has been noted by the Government that education as it stands isn’t working so well. strangely the Education Act of 2008 in which it was decreed that adults must stay in school until they are 17 or 18 has been continued. It was one of the most glaring examples of doing more of something that was already failing that I have ever seen, but for whatever reason Grove and his mates are sticking with it.

A new consultation document has been released to discuss how this further compulsory education is to be handled. Part of that is to decide what is going to constitute “full time education”

Home education is marked down as a valid form of full time education and there it is further stated that how the education takes place should be at the discretion of the families.

But I am left wondering why the “time” spent in education is so important and the actual education that takes place in that time apparently secondary. As with most home educating families we get through a lot of work in a shorter time than schools manage simply because we don’t waste as much time.

There’s no queueing outside the classroom until the teacher comes. There’s no faffing about while everyone settles. The lessons go on for as long as they need to and are not interrupted by the bell. There is no moving around big locked buildings.

As a result of the efficient use of time there is also no “homework” after a long day of learning.

I can’t help thinking that sorting out the standard of education, how children learn and whether the national curriculum is fit for purpose (which I doubt) is a little bit more important than how many hours constitute full time education. It looks like drawing another tick box. Frankly deleting a few tick boxes would be more useful.

As it stands I am not convinced this going to be a problem for HE yet. But I suppose there will be LA people who want us to buy timers to ensure we are fulfilling the time directive or whatever. We’ll see.

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