Sit back with a beer and let Jesus do it?

There have been so many attacks on the Church from both inside and outside that many people commenting will sigh and say something along the lines of “Thank God Jesus promised that the gates of hell would not prevail.”

But I read something yesterday that I think comes at this from a different angle. The writer said that too many Catholics are sitting back and being lazy because they think as Jesus promised the gates of hell would not prevail that they didn’t need to do anything. The writer quite correctly pointed out that the idea of the gates of hell meant the Church was on the offensive and battering down those gates. Here on earth we are supposed to be the Church Militant going off to fight those principalities and powers St Paul was on about. We are not supposed to sit back with a beer and let Jesus do it.

I remember hearing someone (vaguely remember it might have been Dr Scott Hahn) saying that while Jesus told Peter the gates of hell or rather hades would not prevail against the Church, He never said that no local churches would be lost. After all the seven churches John mentions in his book of Revelation are all gone I believe. St. Paul was giving the Corinthians a strong talking to in his letters pretty early on. Those warnings from Paul and the promise from Christ that he would “vomit out” the luke warm Laodiceans are warnings for us too.

So I had better get my act together asap.


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