Heart scan and what the children did and the possibility of a new wheelchair.

This is a bit of a mixed bag entry. I had a hospital appointment first thing this morning, so I got ready and set out the children’s work. I didn’t set out any rules for what I wanted done. The taxi arrived and Alex came with me, putting the shove-it wheelchair in the boot and then being good enough to shove me through the hospital which he thought looked much like and airline terminus, complete with WHSmith and Costa Coffee.

Thanks to ten years of illness and Avila’s frequent hospital admissions I have learned to really hate hospitals. But in all fairness the new QE is quite good – for a hospital. We signed in with a bit of help at a computer and then were moved through two colour coded waiting areas. I was seen by the radiographer bang on time and she was polite and caring. She couldn’t get all the lovely pictures of the things my heart gets up to, so she got a bit of help. I was asked to lie on my left side for the scan and as the screen was behind me I couldn’t see all the bits of my heart like last time. It seems they make a sort of portfolio of the ultra sound pictures and measurements and add a few sound bits to go with it. She commented on my tachycardia and and I worked out from their med-speak when there were two that my heart murmur didn’t show up. Interestingly one radiographer said that they often don’t unless the patient is a bit dehydrated. If they are “loaded with fluid” then it can hide the murmur. Interesting I thought. So my fat ankles and fingers might be hiding the ol’ heart murmur. lol.

Unfortunately lying on my left side makes breathing difficult and when the scan was finished I had to get dressed which made me even more breathless. What with that and her worry about how breathless I was, I didn’t ask her what happens next, so I don’t know.

We got a taxi home and as I walked into the house I found three little people busily doing their work. What is more, Ronan had managed all his maths without help! And he did it correctly! Perhaps I should go to hospital more often….er no, perhaps not.

They all got on with the rest of the work and I was even able to join in with some Songschool Latin songs.

Then I received a phone call from a wheelchair man. I had contacted a company a couple of weeks ago asking about hiring a powerchair. Anyway, the rep is heading my way next week, so I am hoping to have a power chair to play with soon. This could make home ed trips and other days out easier. The chair can be left handed and have extras that I might be needing in the near future.

Now then, no more snow!


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