Leonardo exhibition – what a genius.

Yesterday we went to see the Leonardo exhibition at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. There were ten drawings that the Queen has released to do a tour as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. They are amazing little drawings. He liked to draw small and detailed and even his writing is tiny.

The overall favourite with us all was the head study for a painting about Leda the Swan maiden. But Ronan also liked the strange flaying chain cannon like thing that Leonardo had designed to be pulled by a horse. I’m not sure how practice it would be, but perhaps we can have a go at building something like it in Lego.

After that we had a look at some of the other paintings in the gallery and saw some of the Staffordshire horde of gold. The craft and skill involved in making some of those gold pieces is astonishing, especially when you consider the technology available to craftsmen in Saxon times.

Unfortunately that was all I could manage so we had to come home by lunchtime – even so the children had a good time, and learned something new.

Today we had a PhD student over who is studying home education. I think the work she is doing is very important. She has no children at the moment and so she has no axe to grind over education and can approach the subject dispassionately. It’s fascinating talking with her as her experience with HE is much broader than mine as she has travelled even in Europe to see the different approaches and situations of home educators.

I must admit I also love being able to talk for ages with someone who is equally fascinated by the whole subject of home education and education in general. And of course it’s an opportunity to drink copeous amounts of tea.


2 responses to “Leonardo exhibition – what a genius.

  1. He is! ‘The Virgin of the rocks’ played quite an extensive part in my conversion to the Holy Catholic Church!
    What a lovely photo. I love art greatly and miss walking around art galleries!

    God bless!

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