I’ve got new wheels

I have a powerchair. It’s like my old shove-it chair in style but it has a good solid battery pack under it and a little control panel. I’m hiring it for the time being – these things are shockingly expensive – but I hope it will allow me to do things I have more or less had to stop doing because I can’t manage the shove-it any more and can’t walk very far at all any more.

So this is to be the new-me. I’m going to be out there, doin’stuff and taking the children places.

I’m not quite as cool as Prof X in his chair, although Alex likes riding up and down calling everyone Magnus and explaining why we can’t go to war. LOL

But this could be freedom.


3 responses to “I’ve got new wheels

  1. So happy for you Shell. I hope it can be a big help to you although I am pretty sure it will be.

  2. Drive safely! :-).
    Best wishes and prayers

  3. Sorry I missed this earlier. Congrats — that’s got to help big-time!

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