Short reprieve on the ME dx

While my view of doctors in general is probably not publishable, I have to say I am increasingly willing to trust my GP. I am still a little wary, but I have to be honest and say, he seems to be truly trying to work out what’s happening with me and he’s being very thorough and fair in doing so.

So, there I was this morning. He had phoned me at home just after I saw him last week – and that in itself shows genuine care as I hardly ever hear of GPs willing to do that – and told me to make this appointment, and so I did.

He has referred me to a lung specialist. No cardiac ultra sound results yet.

But todays appointment was to discuss the possibility of me having ME. I dread that disease. After some discussion we agreed that my difficulties with breathing are (at this time) the number one symptom. But as some of the pain I have in the joints, particularly my hands and ankles with the night swelling that often comes with it (oh the joy of fat ankles and sausage fingers) he wants to send me to a rheumi to check out the possibility of Rheumatoid Arthritis. He isn’t that convinced that is the answer – I think he’s more sure it’s ME – but at least that dx is postponed. Not that a dx of RA is wonderful – but…

He added more things for them to take blood for when I go in a couple of weeks. They’ll be taking an arm full at this rate! LOL.

So , bloods, new inhaler, see him again in three weeks, referrals to rheumi and Lung specialist and hopefully get the ultra sound results at some point in all that. Please keep me in your prayers folks and add a prayer for my GP that he can find an answer.

It’s doing Lent time 🙂

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