The Lord has given and the President wants to take it away.

update: wow! listen to this homily. H/T CMR

Living in the UK, where so many rights are being carefully chipped away, it could be tempting to shrug and walk away from the HHS mandate that Obama wants to impose on the Catholic Church in America. So what is he up to?

He wants to remove freedom of religion by forcing Catholic organisations to pay for the killing of other people’s unborn children and for the intrinsically evil contraception, which so often leads to the death of unborn children, as well as other horrible side effects which mainly effect women.

This happens to have coincided with a conversation I’ve had with people over the last couple of years about the UN Rights of the Child that America refused to sign under President Bush. Why, the question goes, would anyone not sign something on the rights of children? Why wouldn’t home educating families appeal to that legislation when Government tin pot tyrants try to remove our rights?

And the reason I have given is that Governments are not supposed to give out rights. They are supposed to protect them. As soon as those in power start thinking they have god like powers to hand out rights, they are one tiny step away from claiming those god like powers to remove them.

It strikes me as particularly obscene that Mr Obama wants to break a part of a woman’s body that isn’t broken and have unborn children disposed of, when only recently when looking up cardiac ultra sound I discovered that many American insurers wont cover that. I have received two cardiac ultra sounds on the NHS and although getting the results is a bit long winded, at least I have the option of the test. Perhaps, before removing the intrinsic rights of Catholics and attacking the Catholic church against the First Amendment, he could try forcing insurers to cover basics such as cardiac ultra sounds.

I am impressed with the way the American bishops and so many Catholics are standing firm, even in the face of those who have no problem at all with having other people’s intrinsic rights trampled. It is a deep shame that only the Catholic Church still holds to the sanctity of marriage and the intrinsic evil of contraception and abortion; but the more the results of ditching these truths become evident, the more others are going back to their roots.

Meanwhile we see Dawkins and Singer discussing the joys of infanticide and who it should be allowed after a child is born as well as before. I have thought for a long time that the only reason Dawkins has proved to be harmless so far, is that he has not yet achieved the power he lusts after. Even poor old Christopher Hitchens bulked at Dawkins sneaky death wish for others.

And two midwives in Scotland have been told their right not to help out in killing babies is not to be protected.

For those of us who are ill we are facing a “profession” wherein those who actually respect human life and rights are not allowed to practice and we will be at the mercy of the pro-killing ones.

As more news comes out of Oregon where the “right to die” lie is already uncovered as the “obligation to die” sick people are told their treatment wont be paid for by insurance, but if they want to take the “death” option that will be covered.

Last night we watched the DVD episode 8 of Band of Brothers where the American soldiers come across a death camp. The whole thing was gut wrenching in it’s horror. At the end a little explanation came up saying that around 4 million ethnic minorities and 3 million Jews were killed. But what is so often forgotten is that the first victims of Hitler’s “solution” were the sick and disabled. Tens of thousands of people were killed for no other reason than they were disabled in some way, and therefore “life unworthy of life.”  I think the reason this is rarely mentioned these days is because we are doing the same in a modern, cleaner way.

Lent is a time of fasting, abstinence and prayer and remember Jesus warned that some devils are only cast out with fasting. Get armed with those rosaries, chaplets, Bibles and fasting and doing without. We are in a battle here.


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