Forty Days for Life

It’s Lent and it’s the 40 Days for Life time of prayer and witness. Pray for all those who are able and willing to get out there and stand as a witness for the value of every human life, against those who want to decide who is life unworthy of life.

In your prayers don’t forget that it isn’t only babies being killed these days; the sick, frail and elderly are subject to these anti-life people.

I heard a man from America saying that in his area the prayer and witness had seen the miraculous victory of going from 8 abortion mills down to one that is already part-time. Mothers have been given the option of ultra sounds and care and have chosen life. (A recent study showed somthing like 80% of mothers claimed they had been coerced into abortion. They just need to know they have a real choice).

Don’t forget that your local crisis centre probably needs baby stuff, maternity stuff and money.

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