Home Education – human biology basics.

We are doing a little project on the human body and all it’s parts.

I downloaded MY BODY from Teacher Created Resources. It is very basic – just an outline of each organ and a very brief explanation but the children are making a paper person, they have named Steve, with all organs and eventually bones and some muscle too. They have named the model Steve. Next we will repeat the whole thing – but I might get the organs to have more details, and make a Stephanie.

Along side this they are using the Usborne See Inside the Human Body and Uncover the Human Body (which we got as a bargain from Costco).

There are some reasonably good Youtube videos. Such as THIS ONE, which is one of a number in the series.

This one by the Khan Academy is really clear. Ronan (age 9 gr 3/yr 4) in particular got a lot from it



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