Out ‘n’ About with transport problems.

We went to Think Tank today. It was a great day and all the children really enjoyed themselves. We managed to circumnavigate the school kids and found an empty area to have lunch.

I am however, faced with a few transport problems. We took a taxi and had to take my shove it wheelchair. I can’t find a taxi firm able to take a powerchair and the children. One firm offered me two taxi’s but the journey there would have been £24! Fortunately Think Tank is smooth and flat with big lifts. Alex came along and it wasn’t too difficult.

My next task is to try and get the powerchair onto a train. If we can get the hang of that – and I think we should be able to – then perhaps trips out will be less hassle and cheaper.  I am learning that being disabled with children is considered so rare that there is no set up for such an eventuality. I’ll let you know how we get on.

Meanwhile our car was nicked yesterday. Why anyone would want at 16 yr old Japanese import shed on wheels, is a bit of a mystery. But it’s gone. Someone, kindly, handed in my blue badge, so I can get that back. I am touched by the kindness of some people.


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